Ethereum is the currency of the future!

More recently, a conference devoted to the blockade, the developer and the participant of the Ethereum Foundation, Hudson Jameson, made a presentation “What makes Ethereum special?”, In which he spoke about the plan for the development of the Ethereum and the future of the ecosystem of the detachment.

In the first part of his speech, Jameson told in detail about the history of the emergence of the Etherium, beginning with the official announcement made by the founder of the Etherium, Vitalik Buterin, at the North American Bitcoin conference in January 2015.

The emphasis was on the fact that the Ethereum, in fact, is only two years old. However, during this period, many events took place in the ecosystem and the community. Thin clients, such as Status, the mobile Dapp based on the Etherium, which will soon be available for the iPhone and Android, contribute to the mass distribution of the Ethereum, giving users access to the data they need to use without downloading the entire Ethereum blockade.

There were enterprises using the Ethereum in the banking, energy and logistics sectors.

What is the future of the Ethereum?

Estimated period of implementation: 3-6 months

The next stage of the development of the Ethereum will be the release of “Metropolis”, designed to provide more flexibility for developers of smart contracts. According to Jameson, smart contracts will eventually be able to independently make the payments associated with them, eliminating the need for users to participate in it.

The final part of the presentation, “What makes Ethereum special?”, Was devoted to the advantages and unique qualities of the Ethereum, which influenced and stimulated the development of a significant part of innovations in the field of blockade. Focusing on increasing the number and quality of developers, alpha testers, and a variety of network-based Dapps, Jameson talked about his commitment to the Ethereum and the belief that this community is equally and special and open.

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